Use Share Versions to Differentiate Shared Content

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Multiple share versions provide different commentary and images for a single post while providing variability so the message is different, doesn't appear spammy, and allows your team to feel like they have more ownership and variety in the messaging itself. 

In this article, we'll go over what multiple share versions are and how to create, edit, and share posts with multiple share versions.

Let’s get started!

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin, Contributors, and Group Moderators.

How it works

Contributors, Admins, and Moderators can publish shareable content and add up to 5 images and 5 share copy versions per network (LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram). Images and share copy are added to the post as individual items to select once a user clicks Share.

The internal post displays the available images in a grid view when a user is on desktop and only the first image when a user is on mobile. See below.

share variation image desktop grid view.png

Once a user clicks Share, EveryoneSocial randomly chooses an image and share copy from the share versions. If a user is on a desktop device, the user can select a different image and content than the one generated. If a user is using the mobile app, then the user will need to refresh the share page to regenerate a random image and share copy.

Publish a post with multiple share versions

Contributors, Admins, and Moderators can add multiple share versions during the post creation process. The post can have up to 5 different copy and image versions to select from when sharing posts. 

Here's how multiple share versions are published.

  1. Click Compose > Internal Post.
  2. Select the Groups to host the content.
  3. Select the post type.
    🔹 Link posts can have 5 copy versions and have a combination of 5 images, scraped or uploaded.
    🔹 Video posts can have 1 video and 5 versions of share copy.
    🔹 Image posts can have 5 copy and 5 image versions.
    🔹 Text posts can have 5 copy versions but no images.
  4. Add media and click and drag images to the desired order.
  5. Check Allow Sharing and toggle on Add Share Copy.
  6. Add up to 5 share copy versions, clicking Add a Version to write additional copy.
  7. Toggling post settings on or off.
  8. Click Post to publish.

publish post with multiple share versions.gif

Choose a share version when sharing posts

When a post has multiple share versions, users can choose which share copy and image version to use. If a post contains multiple versions, clicking Share will randomly rotate the available copy and images. Users can override the selected copy and image if they’re on a desktop.

  1. Click Share on a post.
  2. Toggle on networks to share content to.
  3. Select the share copy and image.
    🔸 On mobile? Refresh to regenerate a random image and share copy.
  4. Optional: Add mentions or hashtags. 
  5. Toggle on Scheduler to set a future date and time to publish.
  6. Click Share to share the post to selected networks.

sharing post with multiple share versions.gif

Edit a post with multiple share versions

Posts can be edited to include multiple share copy and image versions or to update versions available.

🔷 Note: You must use a desktop to edit posts with multiple share copy and image versions. 

  1. Click the three-dot menu.
  2. Select Edit Post.
  3. Upload/remove images and arrange them.
  4. Click Add a Version to add up to 5 share copy versions per network.
  5. Click X to remove a copy version.
  6. Click Save.

edit share versions.gif

Once you save the changes, the post immediately updates within EveryoneSocial. Previously shared posts will not be affected by this change. 


How can I see the media requirements for each network?
I'm trying to share a post to Facebook, and it's not working. Can you help? 
Facebook has a few limitations that may affect using different media. For example, Facebook doesn't allow scheduling content, sharing an image-only post, or adding a custom image to a URL-type post. Please click here for more information on sharing to Facebook
How can I tell if there are multiple versions on mobile?
Great question! There isn't a way to see if there are multiple share copy and image versions while you are on a mobile device. However, if you exit the post composition page and return, we will generate a different version upon your return.
Why am I receiving a notification that “Editing is not currently available on this post”?
Editing a post with multiple share copy and image versions is currently available for desktop only. If you attempt to edit a post that currently incorporates multiple share versions, a notification appears, and you’ll be taken back to your timeline.

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