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Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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You can share internal posts from EveryoneSocial to Facebook on a post-by-post basis. A shareable post will always have a Share button available. Posts can be shared following the steps in this article. 

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

Sharing posts to Facebook

To share to Facebook from EveryoneSocial, find the article you like and click Share.

On the share page, toggle on Facebook and add or edit your desired external commentary. Once complete, click Share.

You will be redirected to a Facebook pop-up window where you can add any additional commentary you’d like. Once you have made your additions and selections (you can share to Facebook groups or pages!) click Post to Facebook. EveryoneSocial will queue your share for when your post is more likely to receive engagement.

💡 NOTE: Facebook does not allow

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