How Does a Link Post Work

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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A Link Post is used to drive traffic to specific online content, such as a link to an article, signup page, social post, or open job position. Ideally, you should share links that provide information to your audience or will drive more traffic and engagement.

This article provides an overview of how Link Posts function.

How it works

When you Create a Post and choose to create a Link Post, EveryoneSocial scrapes the URL for metadata. We search for the main image, title, and description to include as a link preview. The page needs to have those set on the backend and we’ll do the rest.

This allows you to save time building out the Link Post’s content and makes the reader’s experience more pleasant because the expectation is set with context about the link they’re clicking. Visually, your readers are peeking into a window and seeing what’s on the other side.


On top of scraping, we’ll automatically add tracking to your link to gather data in Analytics for you. Default data values can be found in our Analytics articles, and you can always build out link tracking capabilities with our URL Tracking Tool.

Ready to Post? Go here to learn how to Create a Post in EveryoneSocial

Engageable Posts

A Link Post becomes an Engageable Post when the link goes to a social network post. EveryoneSocial recognizes the social network and adds the option to engage directly with the post. For example, if you have content performing well on TikTok and want to share it with your team, copy the link to the TikTok content and create a post on EveryoneSocial to encourage your team to click Engage, go to TikTok, and interact directly on TikTok, thus increasing the content’s visibility on the platform.

engageable post example (1).png

Engageable posts work well for

  • Increasing content visibility on a social network.
  • Improving social engagement.
  • Driving post popularity.
  • Sharing content your team should interact publicly with.

Compose an engageable post

Copy the link to your social media post before taking the following steps.

  1. Click Compose > Internal Post.
  2. Select a Group.
  3. Choose 🔗 Link Post and enter your content.
  4. Paste the social media post’s URL.
  5. Check Engageable.
  6. Toggle ON post settings.
  7. Click Post.

create linkedin engageable post-min.gif

Engage buttons are considered Post CTAs and can be managed in Admin Settings


Why isn’t my link post preview image or text sharing properly?
URLs require some backend code to ensure the page scrapes the proper images and text. Please take a look at our article on troubleshooting scraping issues to learn more.
Why isn’t my post engageable?
Posts must be public to be engageable and must be a post. Check your social media post’s settings to ensure it’s available to the public.
Engage post links must also link to posts on a user's social media profile. We have seen users trying to share Facebook watch links which will create a link post, but not provide an engage option. Check the post type to ensure you're sharing a link to a profile's post.  

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