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🔹 You’ll need our Support team to activate this feature. Please contact them to get this enabled.

EveryoneSocial accounts are billed based on Active Users for the Teams and Enterprise plans. You can learn more about our billing policies here.

This article aims to define Active Users, Active User reporting, and how to moderate Active Users in your Workspace. Let’s get started!

What is an active user

An Active User is anyone registered within your Workspace, using EveryoneSocial to consume, share, contribute, or engage with content—or whose data we are processing on your behalf.

Here are items that classify someone as an active user.

  • They accepted an invitation to join the Workspace and logged in, becoming a registered user.
  • They shared content from your Public Post Page by authorizing a social network.

AND in the last 30 days, they’ve done ONE of the following

  • Logged in to your Workspace.
  • Opened the mobile app.
  • Have an active Linkedin or Twitter account connected.
  • Opened a Content Email.
  • Viewed an Embed Widget.
  • Viewed a Public Post Page.

Pull a report of Active Users

Admin can view user data using both Users report. Get this report by navigating to Admin > Analytics > Users.

Download the Active onboarded users will be indicated by

  • Users > Internal Engagement or Users > External Activity report. Value user_status is Active.

Learn more about Analytics in this article.

Want a detailed report?

Please contact our Support team to pull a detailed User Billing Report.

Click here to view the data presented on the detailed billing report.

The detailed billing report our team presents will have:

  • Client ID: The number associated with your company’s Workspace
  • Calendar Month: The month that these numbers represent
  • Subdomain: The domain used to access your Workspace
  • Plan type:
    • Fair Billing: Overages incurred will be prorated for the remainder of the term
    • Traditional: Overages incurred will be billed monthly at the flex price, as stated in the contract
  • Committed Users: Number of users on the contractual committed amount
  • Registered Users: Anyone who is either
    1. Able to login to EveryoneSocial, so has Onboarded OR
    2. An anonymous user who has authenticated a social token at any time. The total of both of those groups gives us our Registered User count.
  • Active User - Onboarded: A user who is Onboarded AND has taken an action to be considered active in a given period.
  • Active User - Anonymous: A user who is Anonymous AND has taken an action to be considered active in a given period.
  • Active User - Email: A user whose only active action that month was opening a content email.
  • Total Active Users: Sum of all Active users
  • Total Active Users / Registered Users: Active usage based on Registered users
  • Total Active Users / Committed Users: Active usage based on Committed Users
  • Last Month Active Users: Number of active users from the previous month
  • 2 Mo. ago active users: Number of active users from 2 months ago

Remove Active Users

Admins can remove active users from your Workspace in the Admin > User Management tab. Here are the complete instructions to remove active users.

Active Users and billing

View your monthly user billable data by visiting Admin > Settings > Account.

There, you will see:

  • Committed Users: Number of users on the contractual committed amount
  • Active Users: Number of Onboarded + Anonymous users that have taken actionable data being recorded
  • Flex Users: Number of Active Users that exceeded the Committed Users amount

🔹 Enterprise plans are governed by a written contract and may not match what is stated above. Please contact your CSM if you have questions and want to learn more.


Will you apply the active user status for people retroactively?
We will not be backfilling this data. You may see fluctuation in your billing based on the new definition for active users.
Why are Registered Users more than Active Users in my reporting?
We consider registered users anyone onboarded in your Workspace, including suspended and removed users. Because of this, you may see more Registered Users in your counts, but you will only be billed for Active Users.
Will I be able to remove anonymous users from my Active User count?
We cannot remove anonymous users from the user count while we gather share data from them, but you can remove onboarded users anytime. Here are the steps to remove active onboarded users from your Workspace.
Will I pay twice for a user who chooses to share from a Public Post Page without logging in?
You should not. We have worked hard to de-duplicate accounts for users who will share content in various ways. If you feel that you have been billed twice for a user, please reach out to Support and provide details about the user and why you were double-billed so we can resolve it asap.

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