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Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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EveryoneSocial integration with Salesloft enables you to participate in valuable social selling and sharing activities without leaving Salesloft.

Salesloft integration is available to all active Salesloft users who also are members of an EveryoneSocial Enterprise plan workspace.

Setting up the EveryoneSocial Integration

Salesloft team admins, in some instances, may need to install the EveryoneSocial integration for your team. Once the integration has been installed from the admin Team Settings, Salesloft users can enable EveryoneSocial and incorporate it into their Salesloft through a series of automation rules.

Steps for Salesloft Users

  1. Navigate to your Salesloft instance.

  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click your name and select Settings.

  3. In the Administration section, select Integrations.

  4. Find EveryoneSocial in the list of integrations and select the toggle to enable

    • If EveryoneSocial does not appear in the list, select Get More Integrations and add EveryoneSocial.

    • If Get More Integrations is unavailable or you cannot install the EveryoneSocial integration, please contact your Salesloft team admin, asking them to add the integration using the steps above.

  5. On the prompt that appears, ensure that the correct EveryoneSocial workspace name appears in the top right. Click the workspace name to select the correct workspace.

  6. Next, select Proceed to grant permission to connect Salesloft with your EveryoneSocial account.

  7. An authorization prompt will appear. Select Authorize to proceed.

Using the EveryoneSocial Integration within Salesloft

  1. Navigate to your Salesloft instance.

  2. Click the small gear-like integrations icon in the top right corner of the screen by your name.

  3. Select EveryoneSocial in the Integrations window that appears.

  4. If prompted, select your enterprise workspace from the list that appears and select Launch.

  5. Enjoy using EveryoneSocial!

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