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Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Posting content will only take you so far. You’ll need a solid network to increase your visibility so you can share your expertise with as many people as possible.

There are two parts to being active on social networks. We’ve touched base on the first, posting content. The next is to increase your reach and build your community.

We’ll cover the three proven ways to use EveryoneSocial and your networks to build relationships and drive engagement with your content.

Ways to grow your network

🔷 Follow fellow thought leaders

You’ll not only support other thought leaders by following them, you’ll also fill your feed with relevant content and potential prospects.

Connect with current customers, dream customers, colleagues, thought leaders, competitors, and potential employers. People like these are the ones you want to communicate with, build relationships with, and perhaps work with.

🔷 Engage with your networks' content

Don’t singularly share your own content. Interact with your network connections' content. Comment on their insights and tag others in the comments.

Interactions build visibility to the post and to you as an individual. The post’s viewers also read the comments, and you can begin to be seen as an engaged and thoughtful individual the more you comment and interact with others' posts.

In the end, engaging with others starts conversations and drives more views to your social media accounts.

🔷 Boast about others and their wins

Share posts that compliment and congratulate others and do it often. Tooting someone else’s horn, sharing about a company’s success, and raving about a tool are some of the best ways to build influence because you’re bringing others into your sphere and recognizing their achievements.

Remember to “mention” or tag the company, tool, or person you are complimenting in your post!

The last part of this guide provides tools and resources to make social sharing easier along the way.

Please reach out to Support if you have questions.

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