EveryoneSocial's Public API Overview

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Use EveryoneSocial's Public API to publish posts, retrieve Group content or specific posts, spark more conversations, and share expertise more often. 

This article covers how to find the access token and where to go for the API developer docs. 

🔹 To access this feature, please connect with our sales team.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Access token

An access token is available for each profile after EveryoneSocial has activated the feature. Please contact our Sales Team if you'd like to use the API and do not have the feature activated. 

To begin using the API, copy the access token by following the steps below.

  1. Click your profile image
  2. Choose Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to Public API.
  4. Click New Token.
  5. Click Copy to copy the access token to access the API.


🔷 Note: Access tokens are considered Personal Identifying Information (PII) and are visible only to the user generating the token. Be sure to save the token securely.

API references

Once the access token is copied, the API can be used. Learn more using our Developer Docs to start using EveryoneSocial’s Public API.


Can a variable be assigned to an access token for a team's use?

Great question! At this time, access token are created by a user and specifically assigned to a user's profile. Variables are not possible at this time. Please stay tuned for future updates for variable capability.

What happens if the user generating the Access Token is no longer considered an active user?

The Access Token is no longer available, and the API will not work. Please replace the Access Token with a token created from a valid user account.

I lost my Access Token. Can you provide it for me?

Access Tokens are considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Only the person who created the token can view it, and this is only available when it's created. If the token is lost, a new token must be created to replace the lost token.

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