Why is my Leaderboard losing points?

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Each Workspace comes with a default Rolling 30 Days Leaderboard that assigns points based on activities occurring within the most recent 30 days. The Rolling 30 Days Leaderboard is the only Leaderboard that has the ability to lose points based on the time you are viewing the Leaderboard.

To confirm this is the Leaderboard that points are decreasing on, check the timeframe located on the top right of the Leaderboard screen.


Using the Company rolling Leaderboard above as an example, Addy Min notes that points are disappearing. If Addy Min created a Share on June 1st that resulted in 100 points, 31 days later on July 1st, those points those 100 points would disappear—but points for other activities within that last 30 days would appear, too.

Points are also dropped at the exact time an action was taken. If someone created a post on May 1 at 10:55 AM, those points will drop from the Leaderboard on May 31 at 10:56 AM.

Other Leaderboard types

Workspaces under paid plans can have Leaderboards track points ongoing or within fixed dates. These are designed by your Workspace admins and tally points awarded within the timeframe selected by the Leaderboard creator.


In the example above, the Ongoing Leaderboard is set to capture points forever and continually. If there was a specific date range listed, such as June 1st - October 1st, any points awarded during that timeframe will always appear on the Leaderboard; the points will not roll off even if the fixed-date Leaderboard is viewed at a later date.

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