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Andre Larsen
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Segments are a useful tool for defining groups of people based on certain criteria. You can use these groups to target specific audiences for Leaderboards, Content Emails, and tracking purposes. If you need to change who's in one of these groups, you can easily update the Segment without having to redo content targeting that group.

This article will guide you through the process of editing Segments to adjust your audience.

Edit a Segment

Changes can be made to active and inactive Segments. 

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select Settings > Segments.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Update the Segment, clicking Done to save each filter after it's edited.
  5. Click Done to finalize edits.

Segment-Edit process.gif


Can I delete a Segment?
Segments can be inactivated but not deleted. Toggle off the Segment to inactivate it and stop all recipients from receiving messaging and being included on Leaderboards. 
How can I tell if a CSV was uploaded to a Segment?
Segments have a column titled Emails that displays the uploaded CSV email totals for non-user emails. Segments with Emails valued at 1 or more will have an uploaded CSV attached.


Click here to learn more about Segment CSV troubleshooting.

How can I make changes to a Segment's CSV or remove a CSV?

Segments can have a single CSV uploaded. CSVs can not be removed once they are uploaded. The only way to change information and remove a CSV, is to upload a new CSV with the information you'd like to have on it. If you want to remove the CSV entirely, upload a CSV with the Emails column with no emails listed.

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