Segment CSV Troubleshooting

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Segments are built by creating rules to segment readers into audience lists. These can be built using many filters (check out our article on how to create a Segment for more information). CSVs are one available filters to message participants who are not part of a Workspace.

This article covers the most common Segment CSV challenges and how you can solve them.  

Please know, error codes are not presented for the following examples. Instead, you will not be able to perform the upload or download option; our system will loop the request if you are attempting an action with the CSVs and it doesn’t meet system requirements.

CSV isn't uploading

CSVs have specific formats in order to upload correctly. You’ll want to check your CSVs formatting if you find the CSV is not uploading.

We require

  • CSVs have a single column
    • row 1’s header = email
    • each subsequent row includes a single email address
  • CSV titles can not include a period (exempting the file type .csv)

Segment CSV Example.png

Once the CSV meets formatting requirements, refresh the screen and upload the CSV to the Segment.

CSV isn't downloading

Every Segment includes the Segment name in the “Request CSV” field, regardless if a CSV was uploaded to the CSV. We typically see requests made to download a CSV on a Segment that does not have a custom file uploaded and are working on improving this feature to clearly see CSVs attached.

In the meantime, you can view Segments with downloadable CSVs by scanning the Emails column. Emails display the uploaded CSV email column totals for non-user emails.

Segments with Emails valued at 1 or more will have an uploaded CSV attached that can be requested.

🔷 The example below shows two Segments. “Company User Onboarding” does not have a downloadable CSV because it has 0 Emails. “Engineering Team Update” has a downloadable CSV because it has 4 Emails.

Segment-CSV Download available.png


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