How EveryoneSocial Uses Social Network Permissions

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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EveryoneSocial uses OAuth for authorization to share to social networks–such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, and more. The purposes of this article are to outline what OAuth is and how it connects your accounts to EveryoneSocial. We also want to address concerns associated with authenticating your networks with EveryoneSocial.

🔷 Note: This article does not supersede or replace our terms and policies.

What is OAuth

OAuth is an authorization method allowing two unrelated websites or services to share assets. It connects EveryoneSocial with social networks. Passwords are not stored using OAuth, only actions and permissions are authorized on your behalf.

Once network authorization is given, EveryoneSocial receives a temporary access token to start sharing assets. The expiration of the token varies for each social network; upon expiration, authorization is canceled and must again be granted.

Authorized permissions and actions

EveryoneSocial operates as a vendor with other networks and each network has its own set of authorized permissions for vendors using OAuth. When connecting the account, EveryoneSocial is authorized to connect and access information in accordance with our agreement with the network.

If you’d like to review permissions regarding authorized permissions and actions, social networks will typically have an article about how permissions are used and granted, how to review apps you have authorized, and steps to take to revoke access.

General permissions granted to EveryoneSocial

  • Create posts on behalf of authorized accounts
  • Retrieve engagement statistics for posts shared through EveryoneSocial
  • Retrieve the total number of 1st-degree connections for LinkedIn and Twitter

EveryoneSocial does not use network permissions to

  • View or engage with other networks' private channels or content
  • Impersonate you
  • Access private conversations or direct messages

Where authorization persists

Authorized accounts are based upon a user’s profile and not an individual Workspace. Most people using EveryoneSocial have access to a single Workspace but, for those that are a part of multiple Workspaces, your social accounts and authorization persist across all Workspaces you joined.

Reauthorizing accounts

Authorization is not permanent. Social networks have security methods in place that will authorize accounts for active time periods using the same browser or until passwords change. Once social networks cancel the authorization, you’ll need to log in to confirm authorization before sharing content from EveryoneSocial.

You’ll see an alert in EveryoneSocial advising you to reconnect accounts once this happens. This article will walk you through how to reauthorize the connection.

Questions or concerns

We understand if you have questions or concerns about using OAuth for EveryoneSocial to share assets with your networks. We’d love to talk to you and discuss those at any time. Please contact Support and we’d be happy to join you in a conversation.

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