Error Notifications and Solutions

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Requests and actions within Everyonesocial may produce error notifications that stop the request or action from being fulfilled. This article outlines the error notifications and steps to process the request or action successfully.

Feature Error Notification What To Do
Link-type Posts Hmm... something's not quite right with that URL. Make sure a site exists and that the URL is entered correctly. Will see "Preview Unavailable" where the preview card would be. See our article on troubleshooting link scraping.
Login Page: SSO Oh snap! We've encountered an error on this page. We've been notified, but if you like you can tell us what happened. You likely need to be a member of the Identity Provider Group (IP). Please contact your team's technical admin.
Mobile App Your phone is jailbroken or rooted. We do not allow the app to run in this environment. See our article on troubleshooting a jailbroken or rooted phone. 
RSS Feed Sources Error: 'The field Source Value with the value https://xxxxxxxxxx is not a valid rss feed' It's likely something that will need to be updated on the page/URL. Please use RSS Validator to view errors then contact us if you need further assistance troubleshooting. 
Twitter Sources Error: 'Connect a Twitter account to add Twitter sources to this group.' Your Workspace requires the person adding a Twitter source to be connected to Twitter. Proceed by connecting a Twitter account in your profile settings.


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