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Andre Larsen
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As an Admin and Group Moderator, you can post content to multiple Groups, saving time from copying and pasting content and giving readers the ability to view posts based on Groups they frequent. For example, a post can be shared in a general hiring Group and a location-specific hiring Group or a post shared in a general company Group and an executive Group.

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Moderators.

Publish a multi-Group post

  1. Click ✏️ Compose.
  2. Select Internal Post.
  3. Select a Group for the primary post.
  4. Choose the Groups to Repost the post.
  5. Enter the post's content.
  6. Click Post.


Pinned multi-Group posts

Multi-Group posts can be pinned to one or more Groups without being pinned to all Groups. Select the Groups to pin the post to the top of the timeline using the drop-down list.


Published locations

Posts are seen on 

  • Timelines: Personal and Group
  • Activity > My Posts
  • Admin > Post Management
  • A person's Profile > Activity

Edit a published post’s Groups

You can edit any post to change the primary Group or secondary Groups for the post’s location.

  1. Click the three dots menu.
  2. Choose Edit Post.
  3. Reselect your Groups.
  4. Click Save.

Changing the primary Group will automatically activate it on the list of secondary Groups to share the post. Deselect it from the secondary Groups if you wish to remove it from the previous primary Group.



  • Primary Post–Original post. This will be bolded on a published post’s list of Groups. Shares and engagements are allocated to this post only.
  • Secondary Post–A duplication of the Primary Post, shared in other Groups. Shares and engagements are counted but visible on the Primary Post’s data only.


If I share a post to multiple Groups, will readers see this on their timeline once for each Group a post is shared?

Reposted content has a single Post ID, which allows it to be seen once on a user’s timeline to share and engage.

Does it matter what Group is used for the primary post and which is used for secondary posts?

It’s important to consider the Group for the primary post because any moderator of the Group can edit the post while moderators of Groups containing secondary posts can not edit the original post, only remove the secondary posts from the Groups they moderate. The primary post relays data for the Group it resides so you’ll want to consider the most relevant Group that correlates with data for that content.

Why can’t I see Groups to post secondary posts?

You must be a member of the Groups you want the post to reside. Please reach out to your program Admin if you do not have access to the Groups you need.

What happens if I delete a post that was shared in multiple Groups?

If you delete the primary post, then the post is removed from every Group. If you delete a secondary post then the secondary post is the only one removed.

Can I get data for each individual Group and how a post performs in that Group?

Posts contain one post ID and data retrieved is for the primary Group the post was shared. If you’d like to have data for each Group a post is shared, please tell us more within our Product Feedback Portal.

What happens to the data for a shared/engaged secondary post that’s deleted?

Your data remains with the primary post, even if a secondary post is deleted. Because we track point-in-time data, shares and engagements are still tracked as soon as they are received. This is true regardless of it a secondary post is deleted. The primary post hosts the data and will record activity as it happens.

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