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Answers to frequently asked questions around Content Emails.

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Can I use an email alias for an employee pool to send a mass email?
Absolutely! Before using the alias, please have your IT team enable outside mail for this distribution group because most aliases are set to block emails from outside addresses by default. 
Regarding analytics and aliases, we do lose the ability to provide accurate analytics on alias email addresses because we can only track the destination address and not individual recipients. 
Why is my content email missing content?

Content emails will only deliver content the email recipient has not interacted with—clicked, liked, submitted, approved, or shared. If you see an email missing content, then it's likely because the recipient has either approved or touched the posts you've selected to serve as the source of an email. This is an edge case that will typically be relevant to admins and Group moderators.

To ensure your team understands why content is missing, add a Footer Message that explains why that may occur. Such as,

That's it. Short and sweet! :-)


Don't see any posts here? No worries!

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Why am I not receiving the content email?

Due to the rules applied above where the system will not send content to users if the user has already interacted with the content, the system may have zero posts that an Admin or Moderator hasn't touched. If/when this is the case the system will not send an email recipient a Content Email rather than send them a blank Content email containing no posts/content.

Can I use my address to send a content email?

It is possible to send emails from your email address if you’re on the Enterprise plan and we've worked with your IT to set up a DNS configuration. Reach out to your Implementation Manager or CSM to learn more. 

Why are my Content Emails appearing spammy?

Emails can be marked as spam or appear spammy because email providers are built with filters in place to scan and flag content as spam or bulk mail automatically.

If this is happening to you, follow this article and send a screenshot of the Content Email to your IT team and they can usually mark Content Emails as trusted globally so it will automatically download images and won't flag them as untrusted.

Will my Content Email share private posts?

Our system will send different Content Emails based on emails for registered and unregistered users.

Registered users will receive private posts as long as they have access to the Group in which the post is published. Unregistered users will only receive shareable posts in their email which will take them to your Public Post Page to engage.

Can I delete Content Emails?

You can disable an email so it won't send to users. Deleting Content Emails isn't built into the functionality at this time but we'd love to know if that would be helpful for you. Please submit your feedback via the Product Portal.

My Content Email stats are showing inflated numbers? What's happening?

If your company has DMARC activated, then your IT team has likely set up link inspection to ensure you do not receive any phishy emails or malicious content. Stopping link inspection can help link click count accuracy because, when a link is inspected, it can register as a click even if the user does not actually click on the link. This can lead to inflated click counts and skew the data. By disabling link inspection, the click counts will only reflect actual clicks by users, providing more accurate data.

What happens when someone replies to the Reply To email address,

Great question! If you are on the Teams plan, then Content Email will be sent from, and all replies sent to that email. This domain is only a sending domain so replies will not be received if someone tries to send a message back to you.

The best way to inform someone of another email address to connect with you is to add a sentence to your intro message or your outro message to indicate the best email to communicate with your team. We recommend making this bold so it stands out from the rest of your message.

Here’s an example.

“Email us at if you’d like to connect.”

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