How often should you post content?

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Our resident social media expert recommends sharing content 5-10 times per week; remember to spread your content out over time in order to avoid spamming your networks and being penalized by network algorithms.

The following recommendations are per network and shouldn't be divided amongst all networks used.

  • Stay consistent
  • Share 5-10 posts a week
    • Minimum of 3 posts about your topic or field of expertise
    • Minimum of 2 posts about a passion topic
    • Minimum of 1-2 company-branded posts. 

Achieve consistency easily by using the Schedule Feature to queue content so you can bulk add your posts without having to log in to your networks every day to produce content. This will ensure you’re sharing at the best time of the day for each network and will make sure you’re not oversharing. 

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