View a Leaderboard and How to Score Points on a Leaderboard

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Leaderboards are scoreboards to gamify actions taken in a Workspace, such as following a user, connecting a network, and sharing posts. Admin can adjust Leaderboard settings on the Teams and Enterprise plans. This article describes how to view a Leaderboard and how to score points on a Leaderboard. 

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔹 Starter plans can access Admin Leaderboards to toggle on the default company Leaderboard. 

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

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Viewing Leaderboards

You have the ability to view the Leaderboard for Groups you are a member of in your Workspace.

*Please note, depending on your company's settings, you may or may not have a company Leaderboard.

Accessing Leaderboards

To check out your leaderboard, navigate to Leaderboard on the top menu of your homepage.

The Company Leaderboard is configured to include all Workspace users and is set to a 30-day default. 

Your admin can also create additional leaderboards for groups or teams. Those can be viewed on the left-side menu below your Company leaderboard.

Once you select the leaderboard you want, you can view Leaderboard rankings, positional changes, names, titles, and points users have earned.

View the point system

Each Leaderboard is configured to have points applied based on actions a user makes. You can view the point system by selecting the hamburger menu (three lines) at the top of the Leaderboard. There, you'll see a complete list of all actions and the points applied for one. 

Let the games begin!


Will I earn points from the day I'm added or does it apply retroactively from the Leaderboard creation date?

Points are assigned from the day you are added to the Leaderboard.

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