How Leaderboards Work

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Leaderboards are scoreboards that assign points to users based on actions they take in EveryoneSocial—actions such as connecting a network, posting content, and sharing posts. Not to mention, they create some healthy competition.

This article describes how Leaderboards work, how to view a Leaderboard, and how points are assigned to users.

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

How it works

Admins design Leaderboards and assign Leaderboard point values for actions taken in EveryoneSocial. Once ready, Admins enable the Leaderboard and add users via Segments. Users immediately start to earn points for actions taken in EveryoneSocial, such as sharing and posting content. Points will not be retroactively awarded.

Leaderboards overview.png

Actions taken within EveryoneSocial, such as posting content, are assigned to the Leaderboard within a few minutes after you earn them. Actions taken outside of EveryoneSocial, such as a share receiving a like, are assigned to the Leaderboard within 24 hours of the points being earned.

Once points are given to a user, they can't be removed. However, the user hasn't earned any points during the Leaderboard reporting timeframe, particularly for the default rolling 30-day Leaderboard.

Let’s look at how the default Leaderboard works and how custom Leaderboards work.

Default rolling 30-day Leaderboard

The default Leaderboard is available on all plans and is the only option for a rolling 30-day Leaderboard. The 30-day Leaderboard is disabled by default and must be enabled by an Admin for uses to start accumulating points.

Once enabled, all registered users are assigned to the Leaderboard, and team members gain points based on actions they take in the Workspace. Points are only assigned while the Leaderboard is enabled, and only users who have earned points in the last 30 days are listed on the Leaderboard, i.e. the rolling 30-Day Leaderboard removes points on day 31 if the points were earned on day 1, so the Leaderboard only accounts for points earned in the last 30 days.

🔸 Note: Paid plans can edit the default rolling 30-day Leaderboard’s point values and change the Segment to specify which users can participate in the Leaderboard.

Custom Leaderboards

🔹 This is available on the Teams, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans.

Paid plans have the option to customize the 30-Day Leaderboard and to build custom Leaderboards, which work similarly to the default 30-Day Leaderboard.

Leaderboards can be customized in the following ways.

  • Include specific team members by assigning Segments.
  • Change the scoring point values.
  • Assign the Leaderboard duration. 
    A Leaderboard's time is based on the timezone of the Admin creating it.

Leaderboards should be designed around a specific need and have a description to indicate its purpose.

Learn more about how to customize a Leaderboard

View Leaderboards

To access Leaderboards, Admin must enable a Leaderboard, and users must be a part of the Leaderboard’s user Segment. Please get in touch with your Admin Leaderboards are not available in your account.

  1. Go to Leaderboard by clicking the link in the top menu.
  2. Click a Leaderboard’s title to view more details.

Leaderboard list.jpg

The first thing you will see is a snapshot of the Leaderboard, which includes the title, period for point accumulation, and a menu to view the point system. If Admins added a description, you will see it below the title.

Leaderboard Descriptions.png

Your information will be presented along with a snapshot of your Leaderboard rank, positional change, and a menu to view how points were earned.

Personal Leaderboard Snapshot.png

Below the snapshot, you will see details about team members, their rank details, and a menu to view how points were earned.

Team Leaderboard Rankings.png

Review how to earn points

Each Leaderboard is configured to have points applied based on actions taken.

View the point system or how points were earned for you or a particular team member by clicking the three lines at the top of the Leaderboard. You'll see a list of actions and the values associated with them.

View Leaderboard Point System.gif

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