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Invite users to your employee advocacy program to continue growing its reach and impact. 

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

This article covers

Invite Users to Your Workspace

  • Go to Admin.
  • Select Invitations.
  • Click New Invite.

Send the invitation

  1. Add the emails of recipients or upload a CSV containing only user email addresses.\
  2. *Optional: Choose the department, location, and/or role. 


    Note: Starter Plan Admin do not have this option. 

  3. *Optional: Customize your invitation email. Without customization, a general invitation email will be sent with a large call to action to join your Workspace.

Base-user invite colleagues option

You can also allow your users to invite others to your organization! Chat with your CSM and learn how you can create a campaign around this to drive engagement.

Go right ahead and add in your colleagues' email addresses, our system will format them correctly for you. 🎉

Reviewing invitations

Pending invitations

Pending invitations allow you to see which invites have been sent, when they were sent, and by whom were they sent. You can then choose to see this page by a certain date range, which is selectable at the top of the page. The page is sorted alphabetically by email.

You can also click Download Report to download a CSV report.

Accepted invitations

Accepted invites display all invitations that have been accepted within the specified time range. You can see who accepted the invitation, who invited them, when the invitation was sent, when it was accepted, and the status of the user.

User status

  • Active—the user has made it through onboarding
  • Onboarding—the user accepted the invite and is going through the onboarding process 

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