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Specify a Group to publish your post to narrow your audience to the specific topic in order to increase post engagement. There is an option to post content to multiple Groups; however, this article covers posting content to a single Group. 

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is available to most user levels; however, Admin may disable this feature. Please check with your program Admin if this is unavailable. 

Posting Group Content

To add content as a moderator, click the COMPOSE button and choose INTERNAL POST or click into the POST TO THIS GROUP section in the group you moderate.

You will have the option to toggle POST TO THE GROUP YOU MODERATE or select the specific group you manage at the top. Add in the content you would like (URL/link, image or video, or text) and your internal commentary. You'll also have the ability to notify your team, schedule the post, add external commentary or disclosures, and share to your own social networks.

Mark as Branded

You can mark a post as "Branded" if you would like to count it as a branded post. For example, your company was featured on another website, that is not yours, but it is still branded content.

Add Commentary for your Team’s Shares

Toggle on if you would like to add suggested external commentary for all users. You can also check to "Allow users to edit commentary" or uncheck to make your external commentary un-editable.

Mark Post as Important / Notify your team

*Note - depending on your company's settings, the "Mark as Important” feature might be off for your instance

Toggle on if you would like to notify users about this new post with an in-app notification in their instance as well as an email notification.

Pin this Post

Toggle on if you would like to pin this piece of content to the group you moderate. This will allow the post to appear at the very top of the post section of the group. You will also be able to set an expiration date, which will remove the pin on the post but will not remove the post from the group.

Schedule/Expire this post

Toggle on if you would like to schedule a time for this post to be live or set an expiration date. *Note: when content is expired, it will be removed from the group (users view), but metrics still live in reporting.


Toggle on to add your designated disclosure(s). *Learn how to create and activate Disclosures.

Share on your social networks

Toggle on if you would like to share the article to your own personal networks. By toggling on, you will be brought to the "Review and share" panel after you click Post.

🔷 Note: Posts will be published to social networks after Group Admin and Moderators have approved your post.

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