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Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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Posts can be shared directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook using the External Share feature. You don't have to post to EveryoneSocial to share content on those networks. Simply choose to compose an External Share and you'll be able to immediately post or schedule a post for a later date. 

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

Post directly to your networks

  1. Go to Compose.
  2. Select External Share.
  3. Select the Post Type: URL, Image, or Text. 
  4. Add post details and commentary.
  5. Toggle On networks to share to.
  6. *Toggle the scheduler On to schedule a future post
  7. Click Share to publish the post.

External share feature .png

The example above shows a Text Post being shared to LinkedIn and Facebook. 

EveryoneSocial will queue your post to share when it is most likely to receive network engagement if you chose to share the post without setting a scheduled time.

Sharing to Facebook

If Facebook was toggled On, you'll be redirected to a Facebook pop-up window where you can write post commentary. Select Groups and Pages to publish the post and click Post to Facebook. EveryoneSocial will queue your share for when your post is more likely to receive engagement.

💡 NOTE: Facebook does not have an API that allows you to

  • Schedule content
  • Share an image-only post
  • Receive engagement data
  • Add a custom image to a URL-type post
    • If you upload your own preview image to an article it will not be shareable to Facebook

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