7 Ways to Build a Personal Brand Using Engagement Practices

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Learn to build a trusted personal brand, expand your network, increase opportunities and improve your company's presence by engaging with social community networks.

Follow these guidelines to build your brand.

  1. Comment, like, and engage with others’ shared content.
  2. Help others connect with people in your network.
  3. Reach out and connect with others in your industry/niche.
  4. Follow thought leaders and other mentors you admire.
  5. Ask for feedback and insights from your audiences.
  6. Highlight other people, their thoughts, content, etc.
  7. Be responsive to people when they comment on a share or message you.
Social Media Profile Tips

Doing these things naturally generates more curiosity and interest in your social media profiles.

This can lead to expanding your networks, a greater presence for your company and cohort, more career and professional opportunities, and a trusted personal brand in just a handful of minutes.

A small amount of effort to generate potential significant ROI in the future for your brand and positively impact the reach of the company you work for too.

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