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You can share internal posts from EveryoneSocial to Microsoft Teams on a post-by-post basis. A shareable post will always have a Share button available. Posts can be shared following the steps in this article. 

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

Connect Microsoft Teams to your profile

  1. Click the profile menu.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to Connect to Teams.
  4. Click Connect to Teams.
  5. Click Allow to authenticate your account.
Microsoft Teams account settings connection process.gif

Compose a post to send to Microsoft Teams

  1. Publish a post to a Group.
  2. Toggle on Send to Microsoft Teams during the publication process.
  3. Select the public channels to host the shared content.
  4. Click Done to publish the Group post.

How Teams posts are published

Once Group Admin and Moderators have approved your post, the post will be published to selected as well as the channels you have selected within Microsoft Teams.

Interacting with Microsoft Teams posts

Channel members will have the option to Share or View your post in Microsoft Teams.

If members in Teams click View, they will be brought to the post within EveryoneSocial where they can comment, share externally, or like the post.

If they click Share, they will be brought to the "Review and Share" window within EveryoneSocial where they can share externally.

You can click Share to share your post to your selected social networks or you can schedule your external share for later. If you choose to Share the post without selecting a scheduled time, EveryoneSocial will queue your share for when your post is more likely to receive engagement.

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