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Bring your content from EveryoneSocial to where your team is. You can share content from EveryoneSocial to your Teams account, where people can share and interact with the post directly in Microsoft Teams.

Here’s how to make that happen.

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

Connect Microsoft Teams to your profile

The first step to sharing content is to "Connect to Teams" in your profile settings.

  1. Click the profile menu.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to Connect to Teams.
  4. Click Connect to Teams.
  5. Click Allow to authenticate your account.
Microsoft Teams account settings connection process.gif

🔹 An admin must first enable Microsoft Team’s integration and then connect to Teams. Follow the same steps above, but under an admin profile, and check the box “Consent on behalf of your organization.” Once consent is given, anyone can connect to Teams and post content.

consent to microsoft teams.png

Compose a post to send to Microsoft Teams

Posts can be sent to Microsoft Teams while you’re on a post’s edit screen, whether during the publication or editing process.

Either publish a post or edit a post to begin the process.

  1. Toggle on Send to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select the channels to host the shared content.
  3. Click Post or Save to send the content to Teams.
MS Teams Sharing-min.gif

How content is published to Microsoft Teams

Your post must be published inside of EveryoneSocial for it to show up in Microsoft Teams. If it’s been submitted for approval to a Group, then a moderator or admin must approve the post before it’s published.

Once your post has been published, it will share to the Microsoft Teams channels you selected during the creation process. Moderators and admins can also push the content to Slack while editing and approving the post.

The post will display the profile image of the person who shared the post to Teams, then it will display the EveryoneSocial post inside of a container, where your team can interact with it.

MS Teams example.png
🔸 You may see your image and name twice on the post in Microsoft Teams if you are the content creator inside of EveryoneSocial and the person sharing to Microsoft Teams.

Interacting with Microsoft Teams posts

Channel members in the Teams channel the post was shared have the option to Share or View the post.

Share the post

Share goes to the content page, where the post can be shared to a person’s social networks. The post needs to be shareable for this option to present.

If they click Share, they will be brought to the Public Post Page. A person can share the post to selected social networks without logging in to EveryoneSocial.

Users logged in to EveryoneSocial can share the content with all the sharing options presented for your team, such as scheduling the share for later.

MS Teams Share Option.png

View the post

View goes to the post in EveryoneSocial, where they can comment, share externally, or like the post. If they are not part of your Workspace, then the View option functions as a link to the Public Post Page.

MS Teams content card view.png


I want to post to a channel but it’s not showing up in my Teams Channel list?

Teams Channels are pulled when you initially connect your Microsoft Teams account. If you’d like to post to a channel you joined or created after you connected Teams to your profile, you’ll need to disconnect your Teams account and reconnect it.

Can I edit a post sent to Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely! You can edit the post within EveryoneSocial by clicking the three dots menu > Edit post. Make the changes you need, then click Save.

If the post was already shared to Microsoft Teams, you’ll want to share that to Teams again for the edits to be displayed in Teams.

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