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Groups are areas within a Workspace that allow you to separate content by subject matter or audience. Visualize the Workspace as an office building and a Group as a conference room. Although all of your company has access to the building, the conference rooms are designated for specific use cases. Groups generally come in two types.

  • Public for all users to find and join.
  • Private for specific audiences. 

This article covers how you can create and edit Groups.

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 Admin may disable this feature. Please check with your program Admin if this is unavailable. 

Group settings

When creating your Group, you will see two categories: Group details and Group settings

Group details

Group details include branding the Group's membership criteria based on department or location.

Group Creation settings-Group Details Overview.png

  • Group Name: Displayed title for the Group. It is required for this section.
  • Department: Required department to be a member of the Group.
  • Location: Required location to be a member of the Group.
  • Cover Image: Image icon displayed next to the Group title.
  • Color: Primary color of the Cover Image and other Group indicators.

Group settings

Settings are toggles assigning content rules for Group posts, such as who can create a post, who approves the post, if the post is shareable, and who can view the post. Please view the Posting Permissions article for more information on users' default permissions. 

Group Creation settings-Group Settings Overview.png

Create a Group

Take these steps to create a new Group in EveryoneSocial.

  1. Go to Groups.
  2. Click New Group.
  3. Add Group details.
  4. Toggle on/off preferred Group settings.
  5. Click CreateGroup Creation Process-Details and Settings.gif
  6. Add Moderators
  7. Add Sources to automate content
  8. Click Done.

Group Creation Process-moderators and sources.gif

The newly-created Group will be available under "Groups I Own," and will be immediately accessible. 

Edit a Group

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Moderators.

Edit a Group's details, settings, sources, or Moderators at any time. 

  1. Go to the Group > click Edit.
  2. Make necessary changes.
  3. Click Done to save changes.

Group Edit Button.png

Check out our other articles about assigning Groups during onboarding and how to automate posting content to a Group.

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