Source Group Content Using RSS Feeds, Mentions, and Keywords

Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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Sources allow content automation to be sent to Groups based on RSS feeds, mentions, and keywords from web sources. Sources save time from curating relevant content for Group members to consume and share. This article describes how to set up a Group Source and automate content posts within a Group.

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Moderators.

đź”· Enterprise company admin can choose to deactivate this feature. Reach out to them if you find Sources unavailable and you meet the criteria listed above.

To begin, head to the group you would like to add the source to and click Edit.

Scroll down to the sources section where you can add your selections. You can choose to add:

  • RSS Feeds—will fetch content from blog/publication
  • Mentions—will pull in raw Tweets (from Twitter) from @Handle
  • Keywords—a strong word that applies to the group and will pull from trending news sources

Enter in your source and click Add. That source will then appear under the Active Sources section. Don't forget to toggle ON the source to start populating content into your group. If you would like to review the content that is being pulled in from the source, leave the box Auto-approve posts unchecked and the content will live in the For Approval section of the group. If you want all content to be pulled directly into the Posts section of the group, check the Auto-approve posts box.

*Best Practices tip!* Leave the Auto-approve posts box unchecked to ensure quality content is always in the Posts section of the group.

To create an RSS Feed, go to the blog/publication you would like and copy the URL.

Head to and enter the URL.

Click Next

And you have then generated your URL that you can copy and add to the Sources section of your group.

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