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Andre Larsen
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Leaderboards are scoreboards to assign points for user actions, which can help drive retention, engagement, and participation—not to mention they create some healthy competition. This article outlines how to create a Leaderboard and understand point allocation. 

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔹 Starter plans can access Admin Leaderboards to toggle on the default company Leaderboard. 

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

This article covers

Creating Leaderboards

  1. Go to AdminLeaderboards
  2. Title your Leaderboard
  3. Click Add
  4. A notification will appear once the Leaderboard is saved and available
  5. Refresh the page to begin editing


Editing Leaderboard settings

We recommend editing the Leaderboard if you prefer to specify a Segment, add a time duration, or modify the point system for your Leaderboard.

  1. Go to Edit to update your Leaderboard
  2. Enter text into the "Description" field
  3. Add Segments
  4. Select a time duration *optional
    1. Leaderboards will run immediately without a start date and indefinitely without an end date


Editing the point system

Each Leaderboard will have a default scoring point value for various actions. The Leaderboard points attribute values to 35+ different data points including posting/sharing activity, internal engagements, and even things like user-to-user invitations.

You can modify the point system at any time. Simply

  1. Go to Modify Points
  2. Select Edit to adjust an action's points
  3. Attribute a value to that action
  4. Save the new value by selecting the checkmark ✔️
    1. Cancel the adjustment by selecting the 𝗫 instead
  5. Select the 𝗫 at the top-right to go back to Leaderboards


Activating Leaderboards

Leaderboards are always inactive, even after creation. Their status needs to be changed to activate them and start accruing points.
Activate your Leaderboard by toggling the Status on. You'll see it turn from gray to blue.
Once a Leaderboard is active, all users will then be able to view the Leaderboard, their current standing, and your point value system. 


Do people earn points from the day they're added or does it apply retroactively from the Leaderboard creation date?
Points are assigned from the day a user is added to the Leaderboard. If you find your newly added Leaderboard users are not able to gain traction with their points, we recommend setting time durations to assist with a rolling Leaderboard.  
If point values are updated, is the value applied retroactively?
Point values are applicable from the time the value is saved and the new values apply to all future actions. 
Can I use a Group to add users to a Leaderboard?
Great question! Groups can be used to build Segments, which are used to add users to a Leaderboard. Use Segments to build your Leaderboard audience based on Groups.
Why is my Leaderboard Segment including people it shouldn't?
Great question! We'd recommend reviewing your Segment to ensure you're only targeting users who fit into all the selectors you want. For example, if you have a Leaderboard designed for a specific Group and your Segment selectors include the Group and a Department, then your Leaderboard will not only apply to the Group but also to those in the included Department.

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