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There are various Group types, and you may have Groups that require content moderation, in which members write posts and Admins or Moderators review and approve them. In this process, posts include sourced Group content.

In this article, we’ll outline how you can enable content moderation and the process for submitting and approving posts.

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Moderators.

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Enable content moderation

Group settings default to auto-approve posts. Disable auto-approval to require Admins or Moderators to approve posts before publication, including sourced Group content.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Owners.

🔹 This feature is only available on desktop devices.

To disable auto-approval for Group posts:

  1. Select the Group from the Group Menu.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Scroll to Settings.
  4. Toggle on Auto-approve posts.

Group auto-approval post setting.jpeg

Post submission and notifications

To submit a post for review, a person must be a member of the Group and take action to publish a post.

  1. The post is automatically submitted for approval, and Group Moderators and the Group Owner will receive the following push notification “A post is waiting your review in ‘this Group.'”
  2. Once the post is approved, using the process below, the person who submitted the content will receive an email and a push notification to inform them the post has been approved.


Post approval process

There are three ways to approve posts:

Approval notifications

Group Owners and Group Moderators receive notifications when a post is waiting for approval. Clicking the notification takes you to the post directly to edit, approve, or remove it. 

  1. Click the bell icon for Notifications.
  2. Select the notification that a post is waiting for approval.
  3. Click the three dots menu.
  4. Select Approve in Group Name.
    1. Edit or remove options are also available. Editing and saving the post automatically approves the post.

Post approval process-notifications.gif

Review all Group content

Centralized Post Management makes it quick and easy to approve and publish posts in any Group you manage. Post Management lists Submitted, Scheduled, Live, and Removed to review posts. Go to Submitted to review posts waiting for approval.

  1. Go to Admin or Moderator.
  2. Select Post Management.
  3. Go to Submitted.

To review the post’s content, click the post’s image or title to go to the post.

To edit multiple posts, click Post Preview to select all or multiple posts to remove or approve selected posts simultaneously. Hover over a post to select remove, edit, or approve. Editing and saving the post automatically approves the post.

Approve posts in post management .gif

🔸 Centralized Post Management lists 20 recent posts. Once those are removed, refresh the page to load 20 more posts.

Review a single Group’s content

To approve content in a Group, go to the Group you’ve created or moderate and click the For Approval tab.

  1. Go to a Group you moderate.
  2. Select For Approval.
  3. Find the post to review.
  4. Click Remove, Edit, or Approve.
    1. Editing and saving the post automatically approves the post.

Post Management single post approval.gif

Once the post is approved, or edits are saved, it will be added to the Posts section of the Group. If you have removed the post, it will appear in the Removed section. Learn more about how to delete or remove a post.

Best practices

When multiple Group members add content to Groups and content is sourced, Groups can have a significant backup of unapproved posts. When this happens, posts can become outdated, or a lack of confidence develops in the employee advocacy program if users don't see content approved quickly.

Admins and Moderators should consistently and thoughtfully review content without spamming the Group with a lot of content. See below for our recommendations:

  • Weekly: Approve 3-5 articles
  • Weekly: Remove older and irrelevant articles
  • Stay consistent

Another way to achieve proper consistency is to use and encourage your team to use the Scheduler when adding content. This will ensure your Group is always fresh with quality content without over-approving.



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