Recommended Cadence for Approving Group Posts

Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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Please go here for Approving Posts and Best Practices

Many Groups have settings requiring an Admin or Moderator to approve posts before they will be visible on a timeline. With users adding content to Groups and automating content with RSS feeds, this can create a backup of unapproved posts, which can cause outdated posts or instill a lack of confidence in an employee advocacy program if a user doesn't see content approved quickly.

Mindfully approving content to your group will receive more engagement without spamming the Posts section with tons of content at one time. See below for our recommendations:

  • Approve 3-5 articles a week throughout the week

  • Stay consistent

Another way to achieve proper consistency is by utilizing the Scheduler when you are adding content. This will ensure your Group is always fresh with quality content without over-approving.



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