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Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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Content should add value to fellow users as well as their social followers.

While the right quantity of content is good for building brands, it’s quality content and more employees sharing content that build great brands and keep people coming back. Employees do not want to share content that sounds like a redundant sales pitch for their company. You’ll feel like you’re spamming your audience and trust us if you feel that way, your colleagues will too.

Here are some content topics to use:

  • Industry news: articles and relevant news around your company industry
  • Content that answers questions buyers/clients would have or what they are currently trying to solve
  • Professional development: articles that everyone can benefit from
  • Share content about the company (culture, transparency, work community)
  • General news updates in business

Don't forget to mix up the type of content:

  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Videos
  • Live video streams
  • Presentations
  • Text only
  • Blog posts

See examples below!

All of the above content ideas will arm your employees with industry value and significantly increase content sharing among employees to their networks.

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Employee Advocacy Adoption

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