Group Examples for a Successful Workspace

Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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Creating the right Groups for a Workspace is crucial for laying the proper foundation. While you will have company-specific Groups, there are some groups that we like to suggest regardless of your company's industry. See our recommendations below.

Professional Development

Contains content around developing and improving skills in the workplace

New Hires

Highlight new hires at your company

*Tip: make the post "Engageable" for users to connect with them on social networks

Industry News

Contains articles on the latest news around your company's industry

Diversity and Inclusion

Shed light on the presence and perspectives of different groups of people and how they are valued and integrated into the workplace

Competitive Listening

Keep tabs on your competitors

*Tip: make the group "Read Only" to prevent users from sharing this information 😉

See how you can utilize these groups for Simple Employee Advocacy Campaign Ideas to Drive Engagement.

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