Workspace Default Share and Engage Buttons (Post CTAs)

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Learn about default Workspace Share and Engage buttons for internal posts. 

🔹 This is available on the Teams and Enterprise plans.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Share and Engage buttons default to display on Link posts using Post CTAs. Post CTAs (Call to Actions) are network-specific Share and Engage CTA buttons on internal posts and the Public Posts Page. The Share button is the same for all social networks but the Engage button is styled in relation to the network from which a post is shared.


Here is an example of a Reddit link Post CTA share buttons

It is important to know Post CTA share buttons can be toggled on or off during the composition process for Link posts, regardless of the default setting for Post CTAs.

Post CTAs considerations

Here are some questions to ask if you're wondering if a network’s post should default to be shareable or engageable.

  • Do I want users to share this content to their own profiles and effectively splinter the network effect amongst their own connections?
  • Do I want to drive our user-base to congregate and drive viral behavior around a single social post?

Our standard recommendation for most network posts is to drive users to Engage with the post.

Access Post CTAs settings

If you want to review or change your social networks' default Share and Engage buttons, you’ll want to access your Post CTAs settings.

  • Go to Admin > Settings > Sharing.

  • Toggle on/off the Share or Engage button for each social network.


Post CTAs in action

Let’s look take a look at how a Post CTA impacts users within your Workspace. In the process below, we’ll show you the process for sharing TikTok content and disabling Allow Sharing, which will remove the Share button from the post.

  • Copy the link of content you want to share.

  • Go to Compose > Internal Post > Link post.

  • Choose the Group.

  • Paste the social network’s link into the URL field.

  • Check/uncheck the box Allow Sharing and Engageable if you wish to override the default Post CTAs.

  • Publish the post.

  • Confirm Post CTA share buttons are correctly applied.

Here's what it looks like to go through the process and the final outcome.



Why do my share buttons disappear on my Public Post Page if I have the post set as shareable?
Great question! The post is still engageable with the Post CTA to engage. We are working on making the Share button visible. If you’d like to share the post on an external site and want the Share button visible, please use the embed code to embed your post on the site.

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