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Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
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At EveryoneSocial, we want to ensure you are updated on the features we are considering and working to release. 

🔹 Introducing our EveryoneSocial Product Portal where you can view and vote on features that are in consideration, in beta, and have recently been released. You can also submit your own ideas.

Roadmap Status

Once you access the Product Portal, you'll see the following tabs.


Submit your input for features on the Roadmap

All status tabs will have features listed that can be commented upon and we value any input you can provide.

  1. Go to the Product Portal.
  2. Click the status tab.
  3. Click the card.
  4. Select the feature importance.
  5. Enter your feedback.
  6. Enter your email.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Confirm your submission via an email notification.


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