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Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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There’s a lot of nuance to feeling confident you’re posting the right thing to the right audience on social media. When should you post? Should you share something personal or something professional? How often do you share information and what information should you share?

Then, there’s the question of how you share it. Should you share content via video, blog article, image, or text?

This page serves to help you decide what post type to choose when using EveryoneSocial to post and share content.

Remember, it’s best to diversify your content and switch up your post types to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.

Link post examples

  • Expand shares and reach of blog posts, guides, content, etc.
  • Directly sharing links to social posts to increase engagement.
  • Sharing webinars and sign-up pages your team can help promote.

Video post examples

  • A day in the life of…
  • Q&A and interviews.
  • Announcement videos.

🔸 Pro Tip: Video and Image posts perform well on social media.

🔹 Admin Tip: Use pinned video posts in your Workspace to have an executive introduce a Group and set expectations.

Image post examples

  • Personal photos to build your rapport and brand.
  • Sharing your company culture and team experiences.
  • Industry memes.
  • Holiday posts.

🔸 Pro Tip: Video and Image posts perform well on social media.

Text post examples

  • Asking questions.
  • Bullet points.
  • Stories and analogies.

Want some fun stats?

As of publishing this article, shared posts have the following stats within EveryoneSocial.

🔹 Link posts account for nearly 80% of posts shared.

🔸 Video and Photo posts have the highest engagement rate, followed by text posts.

🔸 Photo posts have the most impression, followed by text posts.

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