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Each social network has its own set of guidelines and constraints about the content shared from EveryoneSocial, and LinkedIn is no different. This article covers LinkedIn’s specifications to understand more of the intricacies of sharing to LinkedIn.

Learn more about how to share content in this article.

Share copy

We provide a character count as you’re writing the copy for LinkedIn. Be sure to check out our article covering character limits so you can optimize the copy with the limits in place.


LinkedIn does not currently allow us to tag profiles using EveryoneSocial.

There are a couple of workarounds if you want to tag a profile in the share copy.

  • Edit the post in LinkedIn and tag the profile you want to include.
    We have seen this negatively impact reach, though it’s generally okay if you edit the post after the first 30 minutes. This solution is ideal if you’re involving someone in the share copy and giving kudos, such as “Great interview with the team @everyonesocial today!”.
  • Tag profiles in your comments.
    Comment tagging will not negatively impact reach and there's no waiting period from the time the post is published and you mention someone. Comment tagging is ideal if you want to draw attention to the article, without applying attribution. Make sure the profiles you are tagging will engage with your post to avoid appearing spammy.

Our team is building out the ability to tag a company profile during the share process. You can follow the progress on the Product Roadmap


This section covers media components specific to LinkedIn. Please view our articles on image specifications and video specifications to learn more about optimizing sizes and files when sharing media.

Link Posts and GIFs

LinkedIn scrapes Link Posts with a different tool than the scraper built into EveryoneSocial, and it has its own rules about a link’s preview image. LinkedIn typically doesn’t display GIFs scraped from a URL when it’s shared from third-party platforms. Usually, LinkedIn uses the first frame of the GIF shares the link’s page title and meta description. There is no workaround for this.

Video plays natively

You can share a video from EveryoneSocial to LinkedIn that will play directly on LinkedIn if it meets the following requirements:

  • Under 200 MB
  • Under 30 Minutes

Larger video files will still share on LinkedIn but the video converts to a clickable image that redirects to the video post's Public Post Page.

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn's requirements when sharing a native video.

LinkedIn company pages

You can share to a LinkedIn company page if your LinkedIn profile has management permissions for that page. Click here to learn how to share to a LinkedIn company page.

Our team is in the process of building the ability for shared posts to tag a company account in the share copy. You can follow the progress by clicking this link to the Product Roadmap.

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