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Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Smart Scheduler is a set-it-and-forget-it tool that allows your team to live their lives without worrying their social presence will be affected when life gets hectic. Our team built and tested this feature with you and your team in mind. However, it’s only as helpful as the content it's sharing.

With that in mind, we felt it best to provide the best practices we see when sharing Workspace content with the Smart Scheduler.

Use the Post Expiration feature

Understandably, you will have posts in your Workspace that apply to time-based content. Content such as

  • Webinars
  • Holiday posts
  • Job postings
  • Cultural posts

We know this content isn’t meant to be shared forever and the Smart Scheduler can share a post published up to 4 weeks ago. So, please be sure to set the post to expire if it shouldn’t be shared past a specific date.

Actively manage your users

Smart Scheduler is enabled for Workspace users in their profile to connected social networks. It's controlled by each team member within their profile settings.

You don't want to queue share content and have it published for previous team members or employees.

EveryoneSocial relies upon your input, so if someone has left your company, it’s important to suspend that user within your EveryoneSocial Workspace.

Introduce it to your team

What better way for your team to get acquainted with what to expect in EveryoneSocial than to have a pinned video on the company’s main Group?! We actually recommend this for Workspace Best Practices. We’re simply requesting you include the Smart Scheduler in the introduction video. No need to demo it. Just present the feature and point to the resources accompanying it. Here’s an example below of how you can introduce the Smart Scheduler. Feel free to download this video and upload it to your Workspace. 😉

Downloadable assets, including a one-page, can be found here 👉 Downloadable EveryoneSocial Help Center Resources

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