How Post Banners Are Applied

Andre Larsen
Andre Larsen
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Timelines are designed to provide content most relevant to each user so they can quickly see what is available to share with their networks. With the number of content Timelines present, it's crucial to provide a way to make content stand out, and we provide post banners to help grab a user's attention.

EveryoneSocial has 2 post banners that are applied to posts, "Recommended to Share" and "Important."

Recommended to Share

The "Recommended to Share" post banner is automatically assigned to posts once the criteria have been met. Posts are identified as "Recommended to Share" if they have:

  • Two or more shares.
  • High number of engagements.



The "Important" post banner is manually applied during the post-creation process by Workspace Admins.

Once the post is marked "Important," an email and in-app notification are sent to notify Group members of the post. It will appear on the Timeline with the "Important" banner. 



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